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2010-09-10 10:47:04   [来源] 南昌巨人雷式学校   [作者] 南昌巨人学校


Should One Expect a Reward When Doing a Good Deed?

1.   有人做好事期望得到回报;

2.   有人认为应该像雷锋那样做好事不图回报;

3.   我的观点。

Nowadays, it is not extremely unclear that many folks, if not most, harbor a strong desire to expect reward while conducting a good deed.(翻译第一个主题句,使用双重否定,及many+名词, if not most插入结构) There are at least two reasons accountable for this preference.(桥梁句,承上启下,accountable for后置定语修饰,preference概括前面内容) The first and most important one is that those characters who do a favor for others should be paid undoubtedly back for whatever they sacrifices.(阐述第一个原因,使用长句,the first and most important one is that 替代first,主体内容先简写后改写扩句) What is more, with the shared purpose of building a more harmonious society, the right return can encourage others to follow those helpers’ steps. (阐述第二个原因,主体内容先简写后扩句)

In spite of the clear benefits brought by right return, Other individuals are loyal believers in the totally opposite argument that the reward should not be expected when giving a helping hand to somebody else. (in spite of承上段启下段,主体句为第二个outline,使用loyal believers in the argument表达观点)The following two factors can explain this notion well. (本段中的承上启下句)To begin with, doing a good deed without asking a reward offers a valuable chance to educate our next generations, thus cultivating their ability to tell the wrong from the right. In addition, through helping others without any expectation on the reward, It will be more likely to bring happiness to ourselves, finally fulfilling our own value in comtemporary sociey.

     From my own perspective, the proper return is acceptable, subject to the clear fact that this payment can really be a constant source of encouragement for others to some extent.  (仅仅重复以前的论述)




On Students Selecting Lecturers





Nowadays, it is not extremely uncommon that some universities, if not most, offer the right to college students to choose their teachers for some courses on their own will, which has already given rise to an hot debate on how to choose a right lecturers as well as its merits and demerits.(轻写现象短,引出下文)

There are at least two major factors which should be taken into students’ consideration. The first and most important one is that the teachers should have strong teaching ability, thus triggering students’  interest in study to some extent. In addition, with a shared purpose of improving teaching efficiency, there is nothing better for the teachers than possessing a wonderful use of some vivid and interactive teaching methods.

As we all know, every reform happened in our life will certainly results in some positive impacts as well as some negative ones, so does this selection. On one hand, combined with the selected lecturers’ super teaching power and suitable ways, the students can be more likely to learn more knowledge, the major task for college students. One the other hand, the crowded class, if choosing blindly, will undoubtedly disrrupte the normal teaching order, so it is impossible for the learners to learn more, and even frown on studying in classes.




Should the university campus be open to tourist




Nowaday, it is not extremely uncommon that many noted campuses, if not most, are becoming new traveling spots, which has already given rise to an hot debate on whether or not the campuses should extend welcome to those visitors.  (简写)

As we all know, every change happened in our life or society will result in different opinions among individuals, so does this phenomenon. on the one hand, some characters harbor a firm conviction that  the visitors have the right to visit those famous campus. The following reason can explain this idea well. undoubtedly, by traveling around those universities, the visitors can be more likely to sense a totally different academic climate in college, thus making them determined to encourage their sons and daughters to work harder. On the other hand, other folks are loyal believers in the entirely opposite argument that the government should say a clear “No” to outsiders, like the travelers. The accountable reason is that there is a strong possibility that the normal teaching order, if this visiting is out of control, will be interrupted. (按要求只重点写中间段,注意同一事件不同两面的论述)

From my own perspective, I prefer to say “Yes” to this question, subject to this exceedingly clear fact that the famous universitise can in some ways cast some positive influence on those average persons like us. But it can not be a noble excuse to ignore the necessary measures to remain a normal studying and teaching order in college. (简写)




The Celebration of Western Festivals.




Nowadays , it is not extremely uncommon that a growing number of individuals enjoy spending some western festivals, such as Christmas Day, Fool’s Day and so forth, which has already given rise to an hot debate on its reasons and impacts.

There are at least two reasons accountable for this phenomenon. The first and most important one is that after long time reform and opening-up to outside world and under the strong influence from different western cultures, many people, if not most, harbor the biggest desire to have a try on those fresh festivals. In addition, the interesting western festivals can bring, to some extent, funs to us, thus finally capturing people’s attention, especially the Youngman.

As we all know, every change happened in our life or work can undoubtedly result in several merits as well as demerits, so does this festival-spending. On one hand, by experiencing these festivals totally strange for most of Chinese, it can promote the understanding and exchange on the Oriental and Western culture. On the other hand, the people , if the western festivals are overemphasized, will be more likely to ignore our own Chinese traditional ones, a real pity for all of Chinese.(好的影响和坏的影响同时存在)




The Importance of Reading Classics.




Nowadays, it is not very unclear that reading classics, some books written by certain great thinkers and educators, is critically vital for one’s growing-up. The most important reason accountable for this preference is that by reading those great works, readers can undoubtedly capture wisdoms, such as some experience as well as lessons. As a matter of fact, it is those invaluable experiences and lessons that can prevent those individuals from conducting mistakes, finally leading to a better development in future.(只是用了一个论据,正反论证手法)

In spite of the obvious benefits, a declining number of characters, however, harbor the desire to read classics. There are at least two factors responsible for this phenomenon. To begin with, subject to the undeniable fact that the today’s readers are confronted with severe lackage of necessary historical background information, those classics are beyond their understanding to some extent. In addition, with increasingly fast working pace, contemporary people can not afford enough time to read those classics as they did before.

From our own perspectives, there is nothing better for modern college students than reading more classics since they can undoubtedly make us wiser.




Number of people in city X traveling abroad in 1995, 2000 and 2005.




In recent ten years, it is not extremely uncommon that there are a growing number of individuals who harbor a strong preference to travel abroad, which has already given rise to a hot discussion on its reasons and impacts.

  There are at least two reasons accountable for this phenomenon. The first and most important one is that with the fast growth of Chinese economy and the remarkable improvement of living standard, Chinese citizens can afford the tour financially. In addition, an increasing number of holidays, like 7-days-long National Days and 3-days-long Dragon Boat Festival, also make this kind of travel possible.

  The impacts brought by this tour can be seen clearly in the following two aspects. To begin with, by exposing themselves to different cultures and customs, traveling abroad can undoubtedly broaden visitors’ vision, finally making them more open and tolerable for those existing conflicts and misunderstanding. What is more, this sort of trip outside can be more likely to accelerate the development of tourist industry, even the national economy. (正面阐述影响)



How to Improve Students’ Mental Health




  Nowadays, it is not extremely unclear that college students’ mental health, as one of two important factors of health, has already played a very profound role in their current or future development, which has already given rise to an hot discussion on what measures the universities can take to improve students’ mental health and the students themselves can use to adjust their metal states. .

    There are at least two kinds of effective actions the schools must take into immediate effection. The first and most important one is that besides encouraging students to exercise for physical fitness, our teachers should also shoulder the most responsibilities to teach them how to calmly face the pressures from the study as well as the process of making friends. In other words, confronted with the inevitable pressures and difficulties, how to relieve them seems to be the first task for our students. In addition, a free and open studying environment is also more likely to cultivate a right attitude toward the study as well as college life, an indispensable prevention for students’ mental problems.

    From our own perspective, we, as the modern students and the backbone in the future, should take initiatives to seek the help from teachers while running into difficulties or failures instead of confining them into their own hearts, finally posing some harms to ourselves psychologically. Only in this way is there a strong possibility that we can obtain bigger achievements in the future.